Monday, September 17, 2012

Gulf & South Atlantic Regional Panel On Aquatic Invasive Species - Traveling Trunk of Invasive Species

The Gulf and South Atlantic Regional Panel (GSARP) on Invasive Species is making available an educational outreach awareness "Trunk".  It is intended for use by conservation and environmental groups as well as secondary level educators.  Loan of the "Trunk" is free of charge.
The "Trunk" consists of 3 sections:
  • A spiral bound manual of talking points for presentation, covering background, sources, impacts, and species profiles of 5 invasive plant species (Kudzu, Chinese Tallow, Hydrilla, Water Hyacinth, and Giant Salvinia) and 6 animal species (Zebra and Green Mussels, Orange Cup Coral, Lionfish, Python, and Nutria).
  • A PowerPoint presentation on CD containing images from the manual for projection.
  • Series of hands-on specimens of the 5 plant and 6 animal invasive species from the talking points manual.  Specimens are embedded in acrylic blocks, laminated, or in their natural form.
Traveling Trunk
There are currently 3 "Trunks" available for a loan of up to 10 days (including shipping time; longer reservations can be negotiated) from the GSARP office located at the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission in Ocean Springs, MS.  The highlighted dates on the calendar below are unavailable.  If you would like to reserve one of the "Trunks", please fill out the request form and you will be notified within 7 business days if the request is approved.

For more information visit the GSARP website